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The starting point to my one to one coaching package is with the completion of the above detailed questionnaire. This will give me a basic overview of your lifestyle, training, and performance history.

After receiving and studying this we can arrange to have an informal discussion over the telephone, video Skype or in person over a ride or a casual meeting. This will give us the opportunity to ask questions, begin to understand each other and establish if we will be suitably matched to work effectively together as a coach/rider team.

I offer only one personal one to one coaching plan, I cannot see the point in offering different levels it’s all or nothing in my mind but what I do offer is a sliding scale pricing structure.

No set up fee 

1st  Year £35.00 a month

2nd Year £30.00 a month

3rd Year £25.00 a month and any subsequent years.

The one to one coaching program will include the following.

  • Comprehensive rider questionnaire.
  • Introductory consultation.
  • Phased breakdown of yearly training. 
  • Detailed 4 weekly training plans.
  • Event review and planning.
  • Unlimited regular analysis of progress.
  • Revised training plans when required.
  • Unlimited ongoing email, telephone and video Skype or face to face consultation advice. 

This is a personalised service, based on your current ability, goals, potential to achieve and lifestyle. Each week has session’s specific to the training required to meet your needs, and training time available. I like to form a good rapport with riders and encourage a two way dialogue, of advice, analysis and feedback.